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Supra LoRad cable
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Supra LoRad Mains Blocks
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What is LoRad?

LoRad shielded mains cable

LoRad cable is manufactured by Jenving Technology in Sweden and it is a CE-approved shielded mains cable that can be purchased either:

a) OFF THE REEL (for customers or trade suppliers to incorporate into existing buildings or to replace existing cable assemblies)
to enable the assembly of custom length and/or terminated mains cables

We have created two documents to advise on how to prepare and use LoRad cables:

RTF version     Word® DOC version


LoRad 1.5 fitted with UK and IEC connectors

b) PURCHASED READY-ASSEMBLED, pre-fitted with a number of different mains connectors.

In UK, only BS-approved 13 Amp plugs and CE-approved IEC connectors are fitted as standard.
For other countries, connectors such as Schuko and US plugs are available.

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