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What can LoRad do?

The same simple test can be carried out on two current carrying mains cables:
An UN-shielded mains cable A Supra LoRad shielded mains cable
normal unshielded mains cable and cable tester Supra LoRad shielded mains cable and same tester

Fundamentally, a shielded mains cable cannot transfer noise or mains "hum" to any low level signal cables nearby.

This then means that the "noise floor" of a good quality audio or home cinema system is reduced, allowing more dynamics (as the amplifier power is not wasted on spurious noise) as well as reducing the degrading effects of any electro-magnetic fields into the same cables.

Likewise a shielded mains cable is far less likely to be affected by strong magnetic fields from nearby, especially radio signals from a nearby transmitter (long mains cables are particularly prone to RF breakthrough)

With LoRad mains cable, Supra solved the problem of manufacturing a flexible, CE-approved replacement audio-grade SHIELDED mains cable, by re-designing the insulation around the Earth conductor so that it conducts away any unwanted RF radiation that has been "collected" by the aluminium foil shield.

So there's no longer a need for the fourth drain wire, which most other shielded mains cables use.

And the end result?
Now you can prevent those sensitive low voltage, signal carrying conductors from picking-up electro-magnetic interference
from your power cables and enjoy better audio and video as a result.

Likewise, as the LoRad mains cable is shielded, your power supplies should work better, as the cable won't be acting as an aerial, picking up stray RF.
(There are other benefits as well in the medical equipment and hospital sectors as well - some people are susceptible to stray local magnetic or RF from normal mains cables - rewiring those products with LoRad can lead to significant benefits in these cases.....we know of one person who had their kettle re-wired with LoRad 2.5, as they couldn't use it due to the magnetic field around the normal kettle lead !!)

Typical uses:

Domestic situations:
in living rooms, when used with audio and AV systems, etc
in kitchens
in bedrooms
in garages
in childrens rooms
in fact anywhere at home where RF is (or can be) a problem

Professional locations:
Pubs, clubs, wine-bars,
Recording studios
Medical centres
Maternity units
Computer centres
Car repair centres

in fact, almost anywhere, where an appliance is powered by mains electricity, and which might be affected by RF, could be improved if LoRad cable is used.

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